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Dear Patient;
There have been many changes in health care over the 50 years that St. Charles Orthopaedic Surgery Associates has been serving our community. Through all the changes in medical treatment, technology, and government control, St. Charles Orthopaedic has taken pride in consistently putting the patient first while providing bone and joint care to you and your neighbors.

Just as we consider your needs when making clinical decisions we also consider your needs when we make important business decisions. We believe that maintaining our independence as a private medical practice, not employed or owned by a hospital system, allows us to continue our 50 year tradition of high quality orthopaedic care in St. Charles County.

As independent physicians we are not tied to any one hospital system and can work with you to determine the best facility for your surgery, imaging center for your MRI or physical therapist for your rehabilitation. This freedom of choice not only assures you access to the highest quality medical services, it may keep your out of pocket medical expense lower than hospital employed specialist. Unlike hospital employed physicians, we will NOT charge facility fees for services you receive in our office.

Independent facilities such as an out-patient surgery center, physical therapy and radiology centers have lower cost than the same services provided in a hospital. Patient satisfaction and quality measures are often higher in an independent facility.

We have sent this letter to you because our relationship with you is important to us. We value the reputation that we have created since 1964 by putting our patients first. As we move forward in a quickly changing and uncertain health care environment know that St. Charles Orthopaedic Surgery will continue to put you and your needs first.

We know that you have a choice in your specialty care, thank you for continuing to choose St. Charles Orthopaedic Surgery Associates.

Hip or Knee Replacements in an Outpatient Setting?November 17, 2014

With advances in surgical and anesthesia techniques and modern pain and rapid rehabilitation protocols, surgeons are able to perform joint replacement procedures at ambulatory surgery centers and safely discharge patients to the comfort of their own home.
There are many advantages to having a joint replacement in an outpatient setting, some are:
1. Decreased risk for infection
2. Care provided in a more intimate and private setting
3. Comfort of returning to your own home within 23 hours compared to a multi-day stay in a hospital
4. Lower cost than hospital setting
The physicians at St. Charles Orthopaedic Surgery are on staff at the Total Joint Center of St. Louis and can perform knee and hip replacements in an outpatient setting. Check with your St. Charles Orthopaedic Surgeon to see if you are a candidate.
For more information about the Total Joint Center of St. Louis visit

Orthotic Shoe Inserts Available at SCOSANovember 17, 2014

We offer custom-molded, individually designed shoe inserts. Orthotic devices like these are frequently used to treat various conditions of the foot and ankle. They are often very effective in relieving common complaints. See our podiatrist, Dr. Jeffrey Boberg, for custom made orthotics. Call for an appointment, 636-561-0871

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Available at SCOSANovember 17, 2014

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a non-toxic, non-immune substance that accelerates healing. It can be used in patients with tendon, ligament, and bone injuries to stimulate tissue healing and regeneration.

PRP is produced from your own blood using a process called platelet enrichment activation. Platelets are naturally occurring cells in your blood stream that contain a variety of chemicals and growth factors that promote tissue healing and regeneration. The platelet enrichment activation process allows us to extract platelets from your blood and concentrate them to over 5 times of what a natural platelet would be. This concentrated platelet can then be delivered to your injured tissues to promote healing.
Call the office today to discuss PRP with a SCOSA physician, 636-561-0871

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